Advantages of a Waxed Mustache

This one’s going out to all you hipsters out there – keep that freak flag flying! Waxed mustaches may get a lot of hate occasionally, but they’re truly cool to try out; it’s a nicely subtle means to design your facial hair ( in case you are doing it right), and can allow you to create a whole new appearance for yourself. Selecting only between clean shaven and hirsute is boring – there’s all kinds of things it is possible to do with your facial hair, and waxing your mustache is only one of them.

However, I personally believe it’s the most fun, both to see and to do yourself, therefore I believed I’d sketch a few of the reasons I believe a waxed mustache is, how the children say, dope.

Pros and Cons of a Waxed Mustache

First off, waxing your mustache makes your mustache really cool. If you’re going to go for a mustache in any way, you merely have to wax it. Otherwise, you only end up looking like Tom Selleck – while that may be an attractive prospect to some, I assure it’s simply way too safe to be cool anymore. Attempting to look like your father is a bit overly gauche and foreseeable. But attempting to look like your grandpa? Now that’s initiation.

The dandy-esque appearance that includes a mustache wax is something that actually helps to set you apart. Even if other young people are waxing their ‘staches (even then, you’d have to be somewhere like Seattle, Portland or Chicago to actually run into a lot of overlap), the absolute number of designs you are able to use is just staggering. It’s possible for you to go for the straightforward handlebar, or you’re able to change things up by curling it in other manners.

You could even just go for a bit of definition in your own regular mustache – a bit of wax goes a long way toward giving your present facial hair volume and heft. If you like the Selleck appearance, but understand that your present follicular abilities aren’t up to the job, wax consistently helps. Only comb it in for a more voluminous shape every time.

The thing to keep in mind about waxing your mustache is that, first and foremost, you have to give your lip caterpillar the appropriate care – this includes moisturizing, combing, defining and keeping a constant eye out for it. A clean mustache is a hot one, and one that’s more amenable to waxing as well; you’ve to keep that in mind when participating in any ‘stache-associated hullabaloo.